The Heartbeat of Ucluelet | Chek News Interview
October 25, 2023

Our Board President, Marnie Saunders, Talks Community and Connection with CHEK News

At the heart of Ucluelet lies the Ucluelet Co-op—a place much more than a store. Its importance to our community was beautifully captured in a recent interview with Marnie Saunders, our esteemed President of the Board of Directors, by CHEK News during their roadshow.

When asked about the Co-op's role, Saunders warmly shared, "There's not too much that goes on in Ucluelet without the Co-op being involved." It's not just words; our Co-op actively fosters community spirit. We proudly collaborate with the West Coast Resource Society to support weekly free community lunches, ensuring that everyone feels welcome. Additionally, our backing for various non-profits, children’s groups, and sports teams underlines our commitment to the well-being and growth of Ucluelet's residents.

Delving into our offerings, Saunders highlighted that our reach goes beyond groceries. "From barbecues to tools, we are a one-stop shop," she noted, pointing to the diverse needs we cater to for our community. This expansive approach has resulted in the Co-op garnering around 4,000 members—a testament to its significance in a town of roughly 2,100 residents. Saunders playfully remarked about our general store vibe, saying, "When your water tank breaks, you come to the Co-op."

The interview not only underscored our Co-op’s central role but also showcased the close-knit bond we share with our members. We're incredibly grateful to Marnie Saunders for so gracefully representing us and to CHEK News for providing a platform to share our story.

To all our members: Thank you. Your trust and support motivate us daily. Here's to many more years of community, connection, and co-operation!