Staff Recognition Program
February 24, 2022

Recognizing Excellence: The Ucluelet Co-op Staff Recognition Program

At Ucluelet Co-op, we believe that exceptional service deserves recognition. To celebrate our hardworking team members, we are excited to introduce the Ucluelet Co-op Excellence Award! Do you wish that hard work and a job well done were more recognized in our community? Let us know about our outstanding employees and nominate them for our Ucluelet Co-op Excellence Award!

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Your Nomination Matters

Have you ever experienced exceptional service from a staff member at our store? Or perhaps you've witnessed one of our team members go above and beyond in their duties? Your experiences matter to us, and we want to acknowledge the individuals who make a positive impact on your shopping experience.

The Ucluelet Co-op Excellence Award

This award is designed to celebrate the outstanding employees who embody our mission and values, consistently provide exceptional service, and go the extra mile for our customers and our community. But we need your help to identify these outstanding individuals!

By nominating a staff member, you give them the chance to be recognized and rewarded for their hard work. Moreover, your nomination also puts you in the running for a reward. Yes, you read it right! We believe that acknowledging hard work and dedication makes our community stronger, and we want to share the joy with you.

How Does It Work?

The process is as simple as one, two, three:

  • Nominate: Nominate your team member of choice who has gone the extra mile for you or made you feel at home.
  • Selection: Your nomination gets chosen.
  • You both WIN: Your nominated team member is awarded a $50 gift card provided by a local business and you are awarded a $25 Co-op gift card to use on whatever you like – no strings attached!

Ready to Nominate?

Ready to shine a spotlight on an outstanding Ucluelet Co-op employee? Click here to nominate a staff member for the Ucluelet Co-op Excellence Award.

Let's uplift each other by acknowledging the hard work that often goes unnoticed. Recognize someone's excellent service today!

Your nomination could even be featured on our nomination of the week post! This is our chance to celebrate the individuals who make Ucluelet Co-op a place of exceptional service and community values. We look forward to celebrating our incredible team with you!

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Co-op Hall of Fame:

^ March 2024's Ucluelet Co-op Excellence Award Winner... Chad!

^ February 2024's Ucluelet Co-op Excellence Award Winner... Ida-Marie!

^ September 2023's Ucluelet Co-op Excellence Award Winner... Ehren and Kyle H!

^ August 2023's Ucluelet Co-op Excellence Award Winner... Nola!

^ June 2023's Ucluelet Co-op Excellence Award Winner... Teresa!

^ March 2023's Ucluelet Co-op Excellence Award Winner... Oliver!

^ February 2023's Ucluelet Co-op Excellence Award Winner... Teresa!

^ December 2022's Ucluelet Co-op Excellence Award Winner... Karen!

^ November 2022's Ucluelet Co-op Excellence Award Winner... Denise!

^ October 2022's Ucluelet Co-op Excellence Award Winner... Claire!

^ September 2022's Ucluelet Co-op Excellence Award Winner... Kyle!

^ July 2022's Ucluelet Co-op Excellence Award Winner... Nola!

^ May 2022's Ucluelet Co-op Excellence Award Winner... Riz!

^ April 2022's Ucluelet Co-op Excellence Award Winner... Teresa G!

^ March 2022's Ucluelet Co-op Excellence Award Winner... Michael!