Growing Fresh, Sustainable Produce in the Heart of Ucluelet
March 20, 2024

Ucluelet Co-op is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking new partnership with Growcer Modular Food Solutions! This collaboration is all about growing the freshest, most delicious local produce year-round, strengthening our local food system, and inspiring the next generation of growers right here in our community!

Meet Growcer: Leaders in Vertical Farming Innovation

Growcer is a Canadian company revolutionizing how we grow food. Their advanced vertical farming systems are designed to produce delicious, high-quality greens no matter the season or weather. Here's what makes Growcer truly special:

The Osiris® Farm

This super-efficient farm is built tough to handle Canadian weather, maximizing space for year-round growing.

The Farmplex® System

Growcer understands that needs change. Their Farmplex® system lets you easily add more farms as your production needs increase.

Why This Matters for Ucluelet

This partnership brings a wave of exciting benefits to our community:

Fresher Than Fresh

Imagine having the freshest greens, grown steps away from our Co-op. This is local food at its finest!

Supporting Local

Buying Growcer-powered produce means supporting our local economy and our hard-working Co-op farmers.

Food for All

Growcer's emphasis on accessibility ensures that everyone in our community can enjoy the benefits of fresh, locally-grown food.

Stay Tuned for Delicious Updates!

We can't wait to share the fruits (or rather, veggies!) of this labor with you this summer. Expect to see amazingly fresh local greens on our shelves in the future. In the meantime, learn more about Growcer and their innovative approach to agriculture at:

Get ready Ucluelet – a sustainable and delicious food future is on the horizon!

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