Fuel a Brighter Future for Ukee! | Fuel Good Day 2023
August 16, 2023

πŸŽ‰ Fuel Good Day 2023: Coming September 19th!

Following a fantastic response last year, where Ucluelet Co-op Gas Bar rallied together to raise an impressive $2300 for the Ucluelet Secondary School Outdoor Education Program, we're thrilled to reveal the return of Fuel Good Day! Set a reminder, get your vehicles ready, and let's aim to outdo ourselves in 2023!

πŸ”œ Spotlight on Westcoast Transition House

This year, as September 19th approaches, we have set our sights on supporting the phenomenal efforts of the Westcoast Transition House. Every litre you purchase will see us match 5-cents for 5-cents, meaning we'll be donating a total of 10-cents for each litre. The implication? The more you refill, the more we can assist courageous women and children in their quest for safety and stability.

The Westcoast Transition House stands as more than just a refuge; it's a sanctuary for women and their kids fleeing from distressing situations. They extend not merely shelter but a comprehensive spectrum of resources, guidance, and genuine care. Let us band together to champion change within our cherished community. Keep your fuel tanks on standby for the 19th, and let's pool our efforts towards a cause of profound significance. πŸš—πŸ’™

🀝 Extend Your Support!

The milestones achieved in the past invigorate us, but the allure of the imminent 2023 event holds even more promise. We beckon every Ukee member and inhabitant to step forward, refuel, and make a tangible difference in the very heart of our community.

Elevate the Ukee spirit, and let's collectively fuel a brighter tomorrow! πŸš—πŸ’¨

πŸ”™ Reflecting on Fuel Good Day 2022

Our previous year's event fueled not just vehicles but our local youths' enthusiasm for experiencing education outside conventional classrooms. The unity of our community was palpableβ€”some dropped by for a BBQ chat, others to voice their support, and we are profoundly thankful for the sheer energy and commitment showcased. Collectively, we facilitated our young minds to explore the grand classroom that is nature, and we're itching to recreate that triumph!

It wasn't just a local hit; the sentiment resonated far and wide. Co-op members and customers from across Western Canada pitched in to accumulate a staggering $650,000 on Fuel Good Day in 2022. Since kicking off in 2017, this event has channeled over $3.65 million into numerous communities, ensuring our commitment to community enrichment remains steadfast.