Fighting Food Waste, Feeding Families - Frugal Finds
April 18, 2024

Ucluelet Co-op Launches Frugal Finds

We're thrilled to announce an exciting new initiative aimed at helping Ucluelet families stretch their budgets and reduce food waste – Frugal Finds! In partnership with the incredible team at Food Bank on the Edge, we're now offering deeply discounted everyday food items nearing their best-by dates.

How Does Frugal Finds Work?

Keep an eye out for those bright pink Frugal Finds tags throughout the store. They'll mark slightly bruised produce, day-old baked goods, and other items still perfectly delicious but needing to be consumed quickly. This is your chance to score amazing deals AND prevent good food from going to waste!

Stretching Budgets and Reducing Waste

"The rising cost of living has impacted many families," says Laurie Gehrke, General Manager of the Ucluelet Co-op. "We hope Frugal Finds provides a way for people to access healthy, delicious food at a fraction of the regular price."
This program not only benefits shoppers but also addresses the critical issue of food waste. Cris Martin, Executive Director of Food Bank on the Edge Society, emphasizes the importance of reducing waste: "There's too much food going to waste in our world, and this is a way to alleviate some of that."

The Community Buzz

The Ucluelet community has embraced Frugal Finds with enthusiasm. "The overall reaction... has been extreme joy," notes Laurie Gehrke. Shoppers are discovering the benefits of this resourceful program, using discounted items to create everything from fresh juices to homemade apple pies.

Expanding Our Efforts

Frugal Finds is just the beginning! "Our team is so supportive... we're excited... and we're going to continue to look for more ways..." says Laurie. We encourage other local businesses to join us in creating programs that support families and reduce waste.

Look for the Pink Tags!

Remember, when you see those pink tags, you've found a Frugal Finds deal. Let's tackle food waste, save money, and feed our families together!